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    Women's Leagues Rules

Below are the rules for league play. If you have any questions or need any clarifications please contact the Thornridge Golf Course Pro Shop Manager.

Type: 2- Person Scramble with Handicaps
When: Shotgun Start @ 5:30 – If you are running late please let Tom Schneider know and he will leave a hole open for you.
Rules of Scramble:
  • Each person will hit their tee shot.
  • After the tee shot a team will decide which drive was better and then they will both play from that spot.
  • The team will continue to play the better shot all the way until the ball is in the hole and record one score.

1. For the week there are 6 possible points that a team is working to obtain.  

  • 1pt for Player One being there to play
  • 1pt for Player Two being there to play
  • 2pts to the team that wins the Match Play portion by winning the most holes (1pt each if teams tie) 
    • The team that has the lowest score on the hole wins that hole and gets one point toward the match
    • The goal is to get 5 points to win the overall match
    • Teams will continue to play all 9 holes even if a team wins 5 holes before all the holes have been played
    • After 9 holes whoever won the most holes wins the match and gets the 2 Match Play points for the night
  • 2pts to the team that has the lowest Team Net Score
    • Overall Team Score - Team Handicap = Team Net Score
    • 1pt each if teams tie

2. There will be a team handicap and that will dictate how many strokes will be given between teams.


Maximum Strokes: No More than a 10 can be taken on any hole.
1-Person Team: If only 1 person shows up for a team, that person will get to play 2 balls until they get onto the green, once they get onto the green then they are only able to use ONE PUTT.
3-Person Team: 3-Person teams are allowed as long as they are on the league Roster before the start of the season, if it is a 3 person roster then they can still use strokes and they are not penalized. A 3-person team is used for people that don’t think they can make it every week so they have a third person as a fill in.
No Shows: If the other team notifies you that they can’t make it that week you will still be expected to play, you will only get your 2 points if you shoot within 3 strokes of your handicap. If you want to play the match earlier in the day, you can do that as well, you will just need to be off the course by 5:15.
Rescheduling: If BOTH teams agree to play on a different date you are welcome to do that it just needs to be completed by 5:30 of the following Tuesday.

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