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    Men's Leagues Rules

Below are the rules for league play. If you have any questions or need any clarifications please contact the Thornridge Golf Course Pro Shop Manager.

  1. Teams will consist of two or three men and must be members of Thornridge Golf Course. All league members must pay $40 league dues. 20 percent of league dues will go to the course, and the remaining money will go to flag prizes, payouts, and an end-of-year meal.
  2. The league will be played on Tuesday’s:
    • Early League must book teee times and be teed off before 4:00pm, they must be off of the #9 teebox by 5:45pm
    • Late League will shotgun start at 5:45pm. Teams must be on the teebox and ready to tee off at 5:45pm.
    • If both teams agree, the match may be played on a different day as long as the match is completed by the following Tuesday. You will need to let Tom at the Pro Shop know if you will be playing on a different day.
  3. All new league members need to turn in at least five 9-hole rounds in order to establish a league handicap. If we don’t have 5 rounds, we will use an average handicap of the early or late league until we have 5 scores.
  4. Handicap is determined by using the last seven league scores. For handicap postings a max score will be imputed as follows:
    HandicapMax Strokes Allowed
    Less than 4.5 Double Bogey
    4.6 – 9.4 7
    9.5 – 14.5 8
    14.6 and Higher 9
  5. If your partner is unavailable you must proxy YOURSELF or get a sub that has paid dues and has a handicap.
  6. League standings will be calculated for the entire season with the top 3 teams in each league receiving prize money.
  7. USGA rules govern play except where modified by this league.
    • We will play Winter Rules, you may improve your lie in the fairway by no more than six inches or to find grass no closer to the hole, but cannot improve lie in the rough. You must keep your same lie. You can not go from the fairway to the rough or vice versa. If you don’t feel like you can play the ball this way you may play it up. You will have to let the team you are playing know on hole 1 that you will play this way. Please be consistent for the year (not one week up and next down). If you are in a hole or on bare ground let the opponent know that you are moving your ball without penalty.
    • You may NOT improve your lie in the creeks, under a tree (1 stroke penalty if you drop for unplayable lie) or in the bromegrass (1 stroke penalty to drop out of the bromegrass or in Drop Area on #9 marked with orange disk, Two club lengths no closer to hole).
    • Out of Bounds/Lost Ball can be played stroke and distance (1 stroke penalty) or you can drop in nearest point in the fairway no closer to the hole (2 stroke penalty)
    • There is NO relief from the flower beds; play the ball as it lies or take a one-stroke penalty and drop no closer to the hole.
    • There is NO relief from the retaining wall on #2. You may take a one-stroke penalty for a drop, two club-lengths no closer to the hole.
  8. Scoring: Three points per night are possible.
    • 1 point for the player that wins the most holes in each head to head match
    • 1 point for the lowest team net score
    • If your team is on a BYE you automatically get 1.5 points
  9. Should an opponent forfeit or fail to show up you are required to play your 9 holes to earn your 3 points. To earn your 3 points, you will get a point for showing up and playing. Then each player will receive a point if they finish within 4 strokes of their handicap score. 3 points will not automatically be given. This has to be played on the Tuesday of the match. If your opponent fails to complete all 9 holes, they will forfeit their head-to-head match on the remaining holes and the team match.
  10. Rain-outs or cancellations will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Pro Shop or John. Rainouts will be determined as soon as possible on that league night. Any questions about the league or rules may be directed to Tom or John at the Pro Shop at 761-3606.
  11. All league members will play the white tee box unless they are 75 years of age or older (at beginning of the season) then they may play from the red tees as long as they play there all year long. No switching from whites to red or vice versa.

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